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cleaning and maintenance services

Product Introduction

Heat exchanger is one of the equipment used in various industries(such as food and beverage industry, refrigeration and air-conditioning and heating engineering, chemical engineering, etc.). Due to many reasons, heat exchanger equipment has suffered various failures. Such as leakage-the seal between the plate and the plate, the leakage of the two seal leakage slots of the plate, and the leakage of the end plate and the inside of the pressure plate, the series of liquid-the contact of the higher side of the pressure into the medium of the lower side of the pressure occurs. Pressure drop-in the heating system, if the heat side pressure is too large, the side flow will be seriously insufficient, that is, the heat source is not enough to cause the secondary side temperature can not meet the requirements, the heating temperature can not meet the requirements.

After the heat transfer equipment is used for a period of time, it must be maintained and cleaned up to ensure that the equipment has good production efficiency and maintains normal production. Our engineers are highly trained and have many years of experience in aftermarket maintenance and are your trusted partners in maintenance.

We can supply this service on Australia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Turkey, America, etc

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