Application range of plate heat exchanger

Chemical industry:
1, cooling formaldehyde, methanol, ethanol;
2, sprinkler fermentation and refining;
3, the condensation of methanol steam;
4, lye and electrolyte heating and cooling;
5, the cold of sulfuric acid;

6, desalination process, heat recovery device;

7, cooling resin;
Metallurgical industry:
1, Coke furnace direct or indirect primary cooler;
2, the cooling of the furnace body of the electric arc furnace and the water-cooled cover plate;
3, the furnace body, electric plate support, Transformer cooling;
4, oxygen top blowing converter chest, converter cooling and cover cooler;
5, strip hot rolling mill, open blank, strip cold rolling mill, thin steel strip rolling mill oil and gear oil;
6, electroplating tin, zinc production line electrolyte cooling;

7, closed cooling system, washing liquid, electrolyte heating cooling;

Oil industry:
1, heating and cooling of various oil products;
2, the condensation and cooling of the top gas of the tower;
3, factory cooling water system;
4, the treatment of acidic water in the factory;
5, ocean drilling platform for seawater cooling cycle fresh water or ethylene glycol crude oil cooling, desalination device, freshwater distillation, triethylene glycol dehydration for thermal recovery and cooling gas;
Electricity industry:

1, central cooling system, turbine oil cooler

2, diesel engine, generator cooler;
3, bearings, vacuum pumps, water pump coolers;
4, Transformer oil, Silicon rectifier pure water cooler;
Electrical and mechanical industry:
1, hydraulic oil, lubricant, quenching oil cooling;
2, the heating of acid bath, phosphating work line;
3, emulsion cooling, rolling mill, extruder cooling;
Paper industry:
1, the cooling of black liquid, the condensation of wood pulp;
2, heat recovery system: for the recovery of water heating spray steam, gas removal, heat machine pulp, mechanical pulp drift liquid, continuous steaming liquid, export steam liquid;
Pharmaceutical industry: heating, evaporation, condensation and sterilization cooling of various pharmaceutical liquids and pure water;
Food industry: cooling, evaporation, crystallization, pasteurization and other processes during the processing of beverages, seasonings, juices, maltose juice, milk, etc.;
Cement industry: dilute oil station, high temperature fan, air compressor, lube cooling;
Urban industry: district central heating, central air-conditioning, cold and hot air, domestic water, heating, etc..