A heat exchanger is a separate device, such as a heater, a cooler, and a condenser, and a component of a certain process equipment, such as a heat exchanger in the ammonia synthesis tower.

Due to the limitation of manufacturing technology and scientific level, the early heat exchanger can only use simple structure, and the heat transfer area is small, large and heavy, such as the tube heat exchanger. With the development of manufacturing technology, a kind of tube shell heat exchanger is gradually formed. It not only has large heat transfer area in unit volume, but also has good heat transfer effect. It has been a typical heat exchanger in industrial production for a long time.
A heat exchanger is a device that transfers part of the heat of a hot fluid to a cold fluid, also known as a heat exchanger.
Heat exchangers are widely used. Heat exchangers for heating in daily life, condensers in steam turbine units and oil cooler on space rocket are all heat exchangers. It is also widely used in chemical, petroleum, power and atomic energy industries. Its main function is to ensure the specific temperature required by the process to the medium, and is also one of the main equipment to improve the utilization rate of energy.