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Product Introduction

Gaskets & Plates for Plate Heat Exchanger

Exsit moulds Possible,For more types please contract with us,OEM service are possible for us.Most types are exsit moulds:

M3, M6B, M6M, M10B, M10M, M15M, M15B, M20, T20B, T20P, AK20 Glue, AK20 Clip,TL10B,TL10P, TS6M, TS20M, P26 Glue,Clip, P36, CLIP6,CLIP6 O ring,CLIP8, CLIP10, T5B,TL6B,M6MW Brazed,M10BW Brazed,MK15BW Brazed,M30,MX25B,MX25M,AX30B, MA30W Brazed,TL350-S(WideGap350-S),AC400-WS,MA30W Brazed Oring fr gasket,T45M,TL35B,T20BW,A30, A15B,A20-B,TL15B,TL200S=T20S,MA30S,M20MW,AM20B,,M3 diagonal,AC600,AQ80 watermachine, EC500,MA30M,CLIP3,AM20,AM10,A10B  

Dgxt  is a very professional global plates and gaskets provider for plate heat exchangers.  

Services we provide:

Applied technology solutions
Type selecting & design
Plate heat exchanger rebuilding & expanding
Plate heat exchanger cleaning & repairing