•  APV heat exchanger N25 Plate
APV heat exchanger N25 Plate

Product Introduction

APV plate heat exchanger equivalent Plate

Plate heat exchanger spare part APV ,plate and rubber sealing gasket advantages - APV plate heat exchanger plate and rubber sealing gasket advantages of double leak-proof APV gasket design is double seal, to prevent two kinds of fluid mixing. In case of production.

APV plate heat exchanger plate and gasket characteristics, gasket material has EPDM, NBR, HNBR, FKM/VITON and so on, plate including stainless steel AISI304/316/316L/317L, 254SMO/654SMO/904L, Harrington alloy, nickel alloy Nickel201, Ti Ti Gr1, Ti-Pd alloy and other materials are suitable for various fluid conditions. APV plate heat exchangers have 34 different corrugates and 60 different sizes of plates. The maximum single heat transfer area is 4.75 m2. A single frame can install 710 heat exchanger plates, which is the largest plate heat exchanger in the world. The commonly used APV heat exchanger series are single-wall gasket sealing (Paraflow), double-wall (Duo-Safety), semi-welded inch plate, ParaBrazed plate heat exchanger, Hybrid heat exchanger, plate evaporator, scraped surface heat exchanger, tube heat exchanger. The models of heat exchanger series are A series, Q series, N series, H series. Column, K series, J series, B series, SR series products.

APV plate heat exchanger