Plate heat exchanger price-Shanghai DGXT Thermal Technology Co., Ltd.
Plate heat exchangers cannot be priced at different prices because of the different heat transfer areas required for different operating conditions.
The technicians can select the appropriate model according to the working conditions provided by the customer before they can quote according to their model and the required heat exchange area. The price of each factory heat exchanger is different. The heat exchange area of the selected plate heat exchanger is different, because each manufacturer's plate pattern is different and the grain depth is different. The quality of the products and the heat transfer effects are also different. The material used for the plates and the materials of the gaskets and the materials of the frames are also different.
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The parameters of the required parameters for the quotation are as follows:
1. The amount of heat exchange of the product
2. Product flow
3. Primary side inlet and outlet temperature, secondary side inlet and outlet temperature
4. Working pressure level
For example: plate heat exchanger Q=600kW, T1/T2=80/60°C, T3/T4=60/50°C, P=1.6MPa Boiler support 1 set
Plate heat exchanger Q=600kW, T1/T2=80/60°C, T3/T4=60/40°C, P=1.6MPa Boiler support 1 set